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History of SMCC Stevenage

SMCC History

SMCC has been serving the Muslim population of East & North Hertfordshire for over 30 years. It started functioning in 1989 and was registered with the UK Charity Commission in 1990. It is the largest organisation representing the Muslim community in East and North Hertfordshire and has the only purpose built community centre with a mosque in this region. The mosque was constructed in 2001 and had floor area of 260 square metres. The mosque had community facilities, a prayer hall along with a gallery for female worshipers and independent parking.

With increasing Muslim population in East and North Hertfordshire the need for expansion of community centre was identified. There was a pressing need for a facility to cater for the growing needs of the people attending the facilities. In March 2010 planning permission was requested for the construction of a purpose built community centre.

SMCC was granted planning permission by the Borough Council in January 2011 and work began on the new building thereafter. The new community centre which is nearing completion has a final estimated cost of around £3 million. Most of the funds have been raised from the Muslim community with tireless efforts of the SMCC Management Committee / trustees and the Imam. The newly constructed three storey extension has the floor area of 1140 square metres. Including the mosque prayer hall, the total floor space of the facility is in excess of 1400 square metres.

The community centre when fully functional, will provides a library, gymnasium, IT facilities and training hub. There are plans for expanding Arabic and Quran classes for the children. Several seminar rooms have been developed along with audio-visual facilities for adult learning. Availability of seminar rooms will improve delivery of webinars and lectures on the topics of health and education. This will facilitate learning for all ages and faiths but will particularly benefit the underprivileged ethnic minority communities in the region. There are plans for a restaurant, a soup kitchen and development of an elderly day club. All services will be provided by donations from the community and will be available to people of all faiths.

In 2022 the charity was re-registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in accordance with the Charity Commission regulations. The new community centre is a significant step in improving educational, health and recreational facilities for the Muslim community and people from other faiths living in East and North Hertfordshire.